Equinox SoundFull Birth™ Story

As we approach Mobon or autumnal Equinox it is time to give thanks for what we have harvested this year and honor the colder seasons that are upon us. The upcoming cold season allows for us to go within, reflect, and integrate the lessons of the wise crone that lives in each and every one of us. I give thanks to all the lessons gained through deepening into Motherhood. Last Autumn I welcomed a baby boy Zion in my home with

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A Soundfull Birth™: Remembering the Blessing Way

With this fourth pregnancy, I’ve focused on embracing the sacredness, beauty, and divinity within the preparation for the right of passage of birthing and of re-entering motherhood. Instead of skipping to thoughts of the end result (Zion, a healthy baby boy in my arms), I’ve allowed myself to sink deeply into the process and journey of carrying my child. Alongside embodied integration of my spiritual practices, sadhanas, and inner feminine guidance, I dove into research of Sacred Pregnancy and Sacred

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Mother’s Day Blessings!

Hello beautiful ones, Mother’s Day is this Sunday here in the states, and while this holiday is often overly commercialized, I see it as a beautiful opportunity to show our mothers how much they mean to us (whether they are still with us in this lifetime or not). Additionally, honoring the positive aspects of our mothers can be very healing for us personally, and nurturing to the aspect of our psyches that acts as our own “inner mother.” I’d like

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Seeds of Change

I’m ready for a radical change, are you? I’m committed to serving you in achieving a transformation in your health and wellbeing. During this sprouting phase I paid a careful review of the past 12 years I have flourished and grown as a sought out healer in the holistic and alternative health care profession. I meditated on the more than a decade prior to that spend on tertiary and formal graduate education. (Read more) I pay gratitude for all the masters

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Earth Day Activities for the Whole Family!

“Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.” ~Evo Morales   Just as we take care of our own health and the health of our families, it is vital to take care of Mama Earth’s health. The health of the earth insures a bright future for our children. Unfortunately, as

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Announcing Soundful Birth™ Initiations for Mothers!

I am SO excited to announce my powerful new initiation process for mothers! Soundful Birth™ uses sound healing, vibrational healing, aroma therapy, flower essences, visualization, meditation, breath-work, affirmations, embodiment practices, inner child healing, and toning of the chakras along with deep emotional release, empowerment practices, and repatterning of old limiting believes, fears and habits, conscious and unconscious. Initiating your truly capable primal self to heal past wounds and fears so that you can have the pregnancy, child birth, and postpartum season you

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Reflection: A Medical Anthropological Pilgrimage by Dr. Kathia

I’d like to share with you today about a spiritual learning intensive and remembrance, intensified in January of 2015, back home on my pilgrimage through the ancient Maloti Mountains. It was such a déjà-vu experience – one that I seek wherever I travel now in order to enrich my anthropological experiences.     I was transported back in time to an era where people dwelled in caves and in fact still do. Where pilgrims and healers journey for their own

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Professional Kinesiologist: Kinga Papp

VISITING PRACTITIONER FROM LONDON, UK (www.nwlondonk.co.uk) Kinga Papp, B.A., N.D.(USA), ICPKP Faculty Kinga is a senior Professional Kinesiology practitioner and has led her own practice for 10 years, initially in the USA and Australia. With an established background in Naturopathy and teaching, Kinga specialises in metabolic conditions such as digestive health (nutritional imbalances, eating disorders, food sensitivities), cardiovascular and hormonal balance; as well as learning difficulties, performance enhancement and emotional/mental well-being. Kinga is the founder of North West London Kinesiology,

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Healing Touch Practitioner: Evelyn Mendez

Evelyn is very passionate about what she does. Her objective as a Skin Care Specialist is to help patients that are affected with embarrassing skin problems treat and prevent such conditions, and as well as find the skin care treatments and information they need to look their best. She is here to help and teach patients how to care for their skin and overall appearance as most people find that looking good leads to feeling good. As a Healing Touch practitioner,

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2015: a Cheerful Heart Reflection

Awe….is the word I would use to define these past 12 months of the Lunar cycle. How magical is it to bring this year to a closing with the last full moon falling on Christmas day. This is the first time since 1977 the full moon will be on Christmas. 1977 was my birth year and my last childhood Christmas in Paris, my place of birth before I journeyed to grow up in Africa. The awe stems form the “reverence”

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