Guest Post by Professional Kinesiologist Kinga Papp

Children’s clinic Many common ill-health symptoms of children are caused by the stress of our modern society, such as emotional, mental, environmental or nutritional to name a few. As we view it in Kinesiology, many of these types of stress may cause ill-health symptoms such as learning difficulties or disabilities, digestive problems, bed wetting, allergies and sensitivities, fears and phobias and many more. As always, in Professional Kinesiology we aim to discover the root cause of the problem in the

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Healing Touch Practitioner: Evelyn Mendez

Evelyn is very passionate about what she does. Her objective as a Skin Care Specialist is to help patients that are affected with embarrassing skin problems treat and prevent such conditions, and as well as find the skin care treatments and information they need to look their best. She is here to help and teach patients how to care for their skin and overall appearance as most people find that looking good leads to feeling good. As a Healing Touch practitioner,

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