Dr. Kathia Roberts’ Philosophy on Supplements…

productsimageDr. Roberts does not believe in giving you a whole bag of expensive supplements that have no specific purpose. She values specific generic and customized formulations for optimal results.

After carefully assessing your need for nutritional, botanical and homeopathic supplements she will only recommend professional-grade, whole-food supplements that are easily digested.

Tip: The best way to tell whether a product is whole-food is to check the proprietary blend on the label. If it lists the concentrated food ingredients, such as alfalfa, carrot, nutritional yeast, glandular extracts, etc., then it is whole food!

Dr. Roberts develops and manufactures her own proprietary line of supplements based on years of perfecting formulas for specific conditions or focused groups.


Executive Health: Dr. Roberts’ Custom Line of Formulas for the Corporate World

Executive Immunity™

This supplement is a yesterday’s “Cure-All” for today’s demands, ideal for when your busy schedule does not allow for relaxation and healthy eating, and if annual deadlines are getting the better of you.

Native Americans used Echinacea, a vibrant plant as a ceremonial symbol, a vegetable and medicine to treat many illnesses. Today, millions of people use Echinacea as part of their supplement regime to ensure optimal health through seasonal changes, frantic lifestyle, poor diet and at times when they feel run down. This product is designed to support your body’s flight or fight response and non-specific cellular immune system. It does so by providing you with the phyto-nutrients you need to assist white blood cells and natural killer cells in phagocytosis. These active ingredients also stimulate, nourish and normalize cells, organs, glands and vital body functions such as respiration, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and liver function.

Executive Aller-Ease™

This product is today’s answer in managing histamine responses; if you suffer from hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or sinusitis; are you sick and tired of the office AC giving you a blocked or runny nose, of meetings on the golf course or soccer run with the kids that result in itchy eyes and sneezing? Each year millions of people rely on allergy medicines to get them through the season. Why not try a healthy natural supplement to do the trick? Executive Aller-Ease™ is designed to normalize the body’s resistance function, support organs of elimination and reduce inflammation and acidity. It does so by providing you with natural anti-histamines, chlorophyll and anti-oxidants.

Executive GI-Ease™

Is today’s repair for yesterday’s strain, when you’re not so healthy diet and lifestyle result in acid reflux, gastric ulcers and, or heartburn.

Do you have constant client and family dinners out that takes a toll on your digestive system, or suffer from regular hang-overs and sluggish liver due to your social life? So many of your colleagues or friends may be complaining of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or indigestion and perhaps you too are experiencing heartburn? Maybe you are worried about your alcohol consumption and the effects it may have on your liver?

Start repairing your gastric lining and protecting your liver by making Executive GI-Ease a part of your daily supplement routine! Soothe and protect your mucous membranes and support healthy liver functions, with phyto-nutrients that reduce gastric inflammation, stop diarrhea, regulate bowels and flush toxins from the liver.

Executive Calm™

Provides you with inner harmony for today’s stressful environment. Ideal if you are unable to switch off at night, if the pressure of keeping to deadlines makes you anxious and cranky, or if you have no time for yourself just to relax. This product is designed with your nervous system and heart in mind, providing you with phyto-nutrients to cope with stress, protect your heart, aid relaxation and relieve sleeplessness. Health Care professionals around the world depend on St. John’s Wort to ensure a positive mood. Now you can too!

Seasonal Kids First Aid Kit™
With the most most common summer-related acute ailments/injuries in mind, we've put together the Seasonal Kids Summer First Aid Kit. Along with other remedies, it features Mommy's Helper healing spray, and Bug Out insect repellant and lice spray that are custom made by Dr. Roberts. The contents in this kit can address the following: food poisoning, nosebleeds, diarrhea, nausea and vomitting, insect bites/ tetanus, bruising, wounds, pain, disinfectant, lice repellant and remedy, bleeding poultice, insect repellents, splinter and sting poultice, burn relief, dehydration.
For more information, email info@seasonalhealth.com
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