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Children’s clinic

Many common ill-health symptoms of children are caused by the stress of our modern society, such as emotional, mental, environmental or nutritional to name a few. As we view it in Kinesiology, many of these types of stress may cause ill-health symptoms such as learning difficulties or disabilities, digestive problems, bed wetting, allergies and sensitivities, fears and phobias and many more.

As always, in Professional Kinesiology we aim to discover the root cause of the problem in the energetic system of the body and to find the best ways to restore balance. This may come through some brain integration techniques, food based supplementation, dietary changes, herbal supplementation or vibrational substances such as essential oils, flower essences, homeopathics to mention the most commonly used ones with children.

When working with small children or babies, I work through the caregiver, where I do gentle muscle testing through ‘surrogation’, on the caregiver with the presence of the small child, to gain the needed information.

Children sessions: $50/30-mins session

My daughter started walking at last!
“My daughter is 20 months old and still could not walk. She hated her feet being touched or having them touching the ground. I had taken her to physical therapies for long months, which she enjoyed but she still was refusing to try the walking. I had a consultation with Kinga roughly two weeks ago. She also advised us a couple of exercises that I needed to do with my daughter for her to be able to clear the stress she suffered during her birth. We had some complication during birth and our lives were hanging on a thread. Kinga explained how that could affect her abilities to accept all the goodness of physical therapy and all of my other efforts.
I’ve done all the exercises with my little one every day as Kinga recommended and after four days she stood up and took two steps!!! I was overly excited! We kept doing the exercises and after another two days we couldn’t stop walking with her! By now, she is walking and running by herself!”
Nora B.


Digestive and Respiratory health

I have a special interest into digestive and airborne sensitivities and welcomes anyone suffering from such conditions who’d like to detoxify and retrain their immune system to be able to tolerate natural foods and plant pollens for example.

As we look at it in Professional Kinesiology, during stress or trauma the body tries to adapt. It may happen through a Flight or Flight response or sustained adrenal coping mechanisms. All these responses create biochemical changes in the body, which tend to decrease the functions of the digestive system amongst many others, trying to prepare us for survival. When digestive functions are impaired, enzyme production is decreased and gut wall health is compromised for example. All this can cause undigested food particles to enter the blood stream through the compromised, leaky gut wall. When the immune system finds this improperly digested food particle in the blood stream it may detect it as an invader, initiating protective mechanisms, such as histamine production. This histamine then causes skin rashes and other skin sensitivities.

In Professional Kinesiology, we aim to find the substances that cause alertness in the immune system, we aim to detoxify the body from built up debris and mucus and then to ‘reboot the body’s energetic computer’ through releasing the past stress when this type of reaction started. We frequently use different tools and remedies to support the body in this process, such as herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation or vibrational remedies in the form of flower essences, homeopathics or essential oils to name a few.


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