Reflection: A Medical Anthropological Pilgrimage by Dr. Kathia

I’d like to share with you today about a spiritual learning intensive and remembrance, intensified in January of 2015, back home on my pilgrimage through the ancient Maloti Mountains. It was such a déjà-vu experience – one that I seek wherever I travel now in order to enrich my anthropological experiences.     I was transported back in time to an era where people dwelled in caves and in fact still do. Where pilgrims and healers journey for their own

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Professional Kinesiologist: Kinga Papp

VISITING PRACTITIONER FROM LONDON, UK ( Kinga Papp, B.A., N.D.(USA), ICPKP Faculty Kinga is a senior Professional Kinesiology practitioner and has led her own practice for 10 years, initially in the USA and Australia. With an established background in Naturopathy and teaching, Kinga specialises in metabolic conditions such as digestive health (nutritional imbalances, eating disorders, food sensitivities), cardiovascular and hormonal balance; as well as learning difficulties, performance enhancement and emotional/mental well-being. Kinga is the founder of North West London Kinesiology,

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