Seeds of Change


I’m ready for a radical change, are you?

I’m committed to serving you in achieving a transformation in your health and wellbeing.

During this sprouting phase I paid a careful review of the past 12 years I have flourished and grown as a sought out healer in the holistic and alternative health care profession.

I meditated on the more than a decade prior to that spend on tertiary and formal graduate education. (Read more)

I pay gratitude for all the masters and teaches I’ve studied under for the past two decades.

I honor this path of the healer/physician that has chosen me that I can only walk in truth through my own challenges and victories in my personal health and my soul connection.

I’m owning my light and all the skills gained through in-depth study, mastering and teaching what I’ve come to learn and know.

It is with an utmost grateful heart that I would like to announce that my business has raised to a higher level and I’m so excited for this altered profile that affords me the privilege to work with those truly committed and invested in this transformational process.

This is why with the new moon on my belated Mother’s birthday, May 6th, 2016, I’m raising my fees and required commitment to reflect this growth and vibration.

To thank my existing customers, I would like to offer you a special discounted package deal of three sessions for $500 to be purchased before June 5th and all sessions must be rendered by October 5th 2016. This is the same price as new clients will be paying for their initial consultations. To order, simply email us at or call (201)-857-2562.

I am forever grateful and honored to walk this path with you.

Yours in optimal health,
Dr. Roberts


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