Dr. Kathia Roberts

“Physician Heal Thyself”

Physician Heal Thyself” is among Dr. Roberts' guiding principles, which have propelled her on this journey to optimal health and wellness. She often declares that we were not created with a dysfunctional bodies and that we are not defined by our diagnoses. True healing comes from within, along with the assistance of nature’s pharmacy.

Dr. Roberts was diagnosed with a debilitating disorder and “labeled” with depression. She was also misdiagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when she was only a teenager, leading doctors to prescribe a handful of drugs, which she was told she would need for the rest of her life. She also struggled with obesity, bulimia, dyslexia, migraines, constipation, spastic colon and IBS from many fad diet obsessions.

Dr. Roberts was stuck in a negative, self-destructive pattern, over indulging in comfort foods and eating disorders, until she came to the revelation that her body needed to be whole. She made it a lifetime passion to acquire the proper clinical knowledge and credentials to best serve you in your quest for health.

Dr. Roberts is a Certified & Clinically Trained:

Doctor of Integrative Medicine? • Naturopathic Physician? • Doctor of Phytotherapy? (Medical Herbalist) • Applied Nutritionist? • Clinical Iridologist? • Bio-Energetic Clinician (Electrical Acupuncture & Homotoxicology)

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Science & Clinical Based Professional Education & Accreditation

Her 15 years of USA, UK & EU Education & Accreditation Include

  • PhD. Interdisciplinary Studies – Integrative Medicine & Health Education [COU]
  • Accredited Masters/Doctorate [NQF, SAQA]
  • Post Graduate, Natural Therapeutics (Naturopathy) [School of Integrated Health, UK]
  • Graduate Degree (Hons) Herbal Medicine [Centre of Community Care & Primary Health]
  • B.Sc. Health Sciences [University of Westminster, London]
  • Pre-Natural Medicine studies – Complementary Sciences, Biochemistry [UCAS]
  • Health Profs Accreditation

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Additional Diplomas & Certifications

  • Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine – Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, Diet Therapy [Beijing, China]
  • Certified in Clinical Iridology [New York Center for Iridology, USA]
  • Diplomas in Cosmetic Sciences, Aromatherapy & Body Work [Steiner, UK]

Clinical Experience (Internships and Residencies)

  • Wipps Cross Hospital Dermatology Department
  • University College of London Hospital, Herbal Clinic
  • London College of Phytotherapy, Stanford
  • London College of Classical Homeopathy
  • Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing (WHO): Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy; Dietetics Department & Qi-gong proctorship
  • University of Westminster Poly Clinic: Naturopathy Clinic, Herbal Medicine Clinic, Nutritional Therapy Clinic, Homeopathy Clinic


Academic Experience

  • External Graduate Student Mentor in Practical Clinical Applications, USA
  • University of Western Cape School of Natural Medicine:
  • Senior Lecturer and Curriculum Developer
  • Graduate Naturopathic Medicine Curriculum Developer, Treatment Modalities
  • Clinical Supervisor, Naturopathic Medicine Clinic & Dietetics
  • Graduate Clinical Research Mentor
  • Certified External Moderator & Education Advisor
  • Council of Higher Education, Accreditor (under the Department of Education)
International Professional Experience & Local Affiliations

Professional, Statutory, Regulatory, Advisory Boards Experience

Kids Misdiagnosed, Advisory Board, USA
Fitness Industry Advisory Board, Florida, USA
Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (under Department of Health) Licensing Examiner, Education & Professional Standards Advisor
Professional Board of Homeopathy, Naturopathy & Phytotherapy, Public Officer, Professional Representative
South African Naturopathic Association, Executive Committee Member
South African Qualifications Authority 
Standards Generating Body Member
South African Association of Herbal Practitioners interim Vice President

Professional Memberships

The American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)
The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH)
New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NYANP)
The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA)
South African Naturopathic Association (SANA)
South African Association of Herbal Practitioners (SAAHP)
American Botanical Council (ABC)

Key Note Speaker and Expert Advisor

National Webinars for Corporate Wellness Programs for clients such as JP Morgan Chase
Medical Conferences for Physicians for companies such as Standard Process, Inc.
Expert Panelist & Professional Contributor to associations such as the AHMA



“Service Above Self” Non-Profit Activities

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