Equinox SoundFull Birth™ Story

As we approach Mobon or autumnal Equinox it is time to give thanks for what we have harvested this year and honor the colder seasons that are upon us. The upcoming cold season allows for us to go within, reflect, and integrate the lessons of the wise crone that lives in each and every one of us.

I give thanks to all the lessons gained through deepening into Motherhood. Last Autumn I welcomed a baby boy Zion in my home with his sister Zea by my side who is now four years old and in Pre-k.



This second time around I honored this sacred initiation process with a SoundFull Birth™ Mother’s Blessing. It marked where I am at in my spiritual journey and how I conduct my life now involving circle, community, inward journeying and oneness with Spirit into all that I do. 

I would love to share this journey with you and how my own lived, embodied experience has lead to being called to serve other women about to under take this sacred right of passage to feel empowered, supported, honored, celebrated and nourished so that they too can experience the SoundFull Birth™ they desire.



Birth is a metaphor we all will experience during our lives. It prepares us with great intensity to be able to withstand the huge ebbs and celebrate the majestic flows in life. It is both physically, emotionally and spiritually traumatic, while simultaneously exhilarating and euphoric. Birth is the crux of the ultimate human experience and all woman should be allowed to experience this, in their own way if they so chose.

I can elaborate and talk so much on the empowered natural birth topic and at the same time my words won’t do this experience justice. Thus I trust a few of these images will describe how it brings community together and allow the mother to be to transcend through worlds and to be transformed forever.

Enjoy and blessed be! 

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