Mother’s Day Blessings!

Hello beautiful ones,

Mother’s Day is this Sunday here in the states, and while this holiday is often overly commercialized, I see it as a beautiful opportunity to show our mothers how much they mean to us (whether they are still with us in this lifetime or not). Additionally, honoring the positive aspects of our mothers can be very healing for us personally, and nurturing to the aspect of our psyches that acts as our own “inner mother.”

I’d like to share with you briefly some ideas for how to celebrate your mother this weekend that do not include buying expensive gifts:

  • First and foremost, if you are able to see your mother in person, simply spending time with her, listening to her, and giving her your full loving attention is a huge gift.
  • Perhaps plan a fun outing that includes some of her favorite activities.
  • Write her a sincere, heartfelt card or letter that includes notes of gratitude and love for her.
  • If she is far away, but you have the ability to contact her, again do your best to offer your time and attention to her.
  • If your mother is no longer with you in this lifetime, it is still possible to honor and love her on this day. You may choose to wear clothing or colors that she loved, or indulge in a spray of her favorite perfume. You could also plan an activity to celebrate her by doing something she loved doing or cooking one of her favorite meals.
  • Last but not least, be sure to listen into your intuition. How would she want to be honored and loved on this day? Follow those impulses, and I suspect that you will create a beautiful day of celebration.

Happy Mother’s day to you and to all of the beautiful mothers in your life! Much love.


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