She really knows her Naturopathy and Herbology!

“In my 8 years of practicing Chiropractic in Hoboken, I have enjoyed a phenomenal professional relationship with Dr. Kathia Roberts.  She really knows her Naturopathy and Herbology! Hoboken is truly fortunate to have such a talented and knowledgeable physician who actually makes her own tinctures and compounds on site, specific to each individual’s needs. One of the great things about Dr. Roberts is that she takes time to listen to her patients. She has such a vast pharmacological background to compliment her holistic knowledge of health. She is especially gifted in helping people reclaim their health without having to be dependent on pharmaceuticals. The remedies she prepares are NOT ADDICTIVE and have always helped my patients, my family and me. Adding her to your list of “go to” doctors is a great step in the right direction toward reclaiming your health or helping to improve it. You will be amazed by her Apothecary and what skills and resources she has in hand crafting your remedy.”  Dr. Matthew Stralka, DC.

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