Guest Post by Professional Kinesiologist Kinga Papp

Children’s clinic Many common ill-health symptoms of children are caused by the stress of our modern society, such as emotional, mental, environmental or nutritional to name a few. As we view it in Kinesiology, many of these types of stress may cause ill-health symptoms such as learning difficulties or disabilities, digestive problems, bed wetting, allergies and sensitivities, fears and phobias and many more. As always, in Professional Kinesiology we aim to discover the root cause of the problem in the

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Professional Kinesiologist: Kinga Papp

VISITING PRACTITIONER FROM LONDON, UK ( Kinga Papp, B.A., N.D.(USA), ICPKP Faculty Kinga is a senior Professional Kinesiology practitioner and has led her own practice for 10 years, initially in the USA and Australia. With an established background in Naturopathy and teaching, Kinga specialises in metabolic conditions such as digestive health (nutritional imbalances, eating disorders, food sensitivities), cardiovascular and hormonal balance; as well as learning difficulties, performance enhancement and emotional/mental well-being. Kinga is the founder of North West London Kinesiology,

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Healing Touch Practitioner: Evelyn Mendez

Evelyn is very passionate about what she does. Her objective as a Skin Care Specialist is to help patients that are affected with embarrassing skin problems treat and prevent such conditions, and as well as find the skin care treatments and information they need to look their best. She is here to help and teach patients how to care for their skin and overall appearance as most people find that looking good leads to feeling good. As a Healing Touch practitioner,

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2015: a Cheerful Heart Reflection

Awe….is the word I would use to define these past 12 months of the Lunar cycle. How magical is it to bring this year to a closing with the last full moon falling on Christmas day. This is the first time since 1977 the full moon will be on Christmas. 1977 was my birth year and my last childhood Christmas in Paris, my place of birth before I journeyed to grow up in Africa. The awe stems form the “reverence”

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I LOVE Dr. Roberts!

Reason number 235230598245720 why I LOVE Dr. Roberts: I have a raging family history of heart disease, and no matter how much i work out, calorie count, and eat a low-fat lifestyle, I still couldn’t bring my lipid levels to normal. They’ve been high since college. 6 months of adopting your methods, treatments, detox, and type B blood friendly foods and my cholesterol went from 249 to 186, without ANY medication. I no longer get headaches/migraines or have to take

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I don’t need surgery after all!

After suffering from awful stomach aches, I have been diagnosed with a gall bladder sludge. My doctor suggested surgery, however I decided to seek an alternative route. I am extremely grateful to Dr.Roberts for helping me. After seeing her and consulting her, she guided me through necessary dietary changes and prepared special tea and tonic. I followed her advice, adjusted my diet and within 6 weeks I was pain free. Dr. Roberts is extremely knowledgable and has an aura of

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Dr. Roberts is a miracle worker

Dr. Roberts is a miracle worker. My visit to her was my first experience with naturopathy and was prompted by my 10+ years of suffering atypical migraines that baffled pain specialists, neurologist, etc. But Dr. Roberts put me on a path toward a pain-free and healthy life using dietary changes, supplements, and her customized tea and tonic. I saw the results immediately. It has been more than 6 months since I started my treatment with her and I can’t remember

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Get Rid of the Gunk

“I first tried Dr. Roberts’ Detox tea back in June, during the Seasonal Health Open House.  The very first day I felt more mentally alert and felt I had more physical energy.  In addition Air Blower, I noticed that I was not as hungry as I normally am.  I highly recommend her Detox Tea when you want to get that gunk out of your body.” Robert A.

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No More Strep

Our daughter seems to have a much more hearty immune systems since we consulted you.  Every sniffle does not turn in to a sore throat.  She has not had any symptoms of strep throat.  Also, it seems her digestive systems is retiring to normal, despite all of those courses of antibiotics she was given for the trek infection(s).  Would it be possible to get a refill of the tea and the cocoa you made?  The whole family especially loves the

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I Can Eat

“After my last visit and according to your recommendations, I kept taking the supplements together with the tea and the tonic; overall I have been feeling well and tolerating food much better.  During December I ate a bit more than usual, and some food not recommended by you (including Coca Cola).  My stomach did feel upset a couple of times, however I was able to recover my normal digestive function very fast.   Thank you for your help.”  Arlene Flores

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