Seasonal Health Services

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Seasonal Health Services

We provide many ways to address your health and our office managers will be able to answer your questions. We also have staff onsite that speak fluent Filipino and Afrikaans.


Individual and Family Holistic Health Consultations

Your opportunity to optimize your health starts here. Dr. Roberts spend time with you one-on-one and carefully reviewing your case following your initial visit. After assessing all the information you provided and her observation and utilizing carefully selected additional assessment tools, she will provide her recommendations for care.

Recommendations may include integrative health-care services such as Neuro-endo-immune testing and other evaluation services discussed below as well as a customized protocol. This protocol will be specific to your health-care needs. Care includes dietary and lifestyle advice, health coaching, mind-body connections, whole food supplements and most importantly, remedies that are specifically prepared for you.

Virtual Consultations

Dr. Roberts has an international and expansive reach of patients and is licensed/registered in several countries. She offers phone/Skype and electronic consultations and will conveniently ship products to your preferred location.

Focused Groups

Dr. Roberts has been contacted by wellness centers, health clubs and large corporate organizations to provide focused group workshops. She also offers these services to the general public.

Focused Groups

Detox Workshops

In addition to the standard purification program, we provide a built in support group, recipes, additional cleansing techniques, environmental advice, encouragement, accountability, progress measuring, and all the additional tools you need to succeed with the program.

Season Specific Workshops

Our focus is on the seasons and all the seasons we go through in life; from infancy through puberty, adolescence, child bearing and maturing years. We are dedicated to provide you with natural healthcare techniques to see you through Spring Summer, Winter, Fall and all of life’s seasons and transitions.  We will focus on diet, lifestyle, environmental, social and spiritual activities, and exercises to support these transitions. Being informed in this way and practicing these principles will ensure less stress and more balanced health responses during these trying times.

Kids’ Health

Dr. Roberts started the kids’ focus group to educate moms on all their pediatric options. Many times stress, frustration and many adverse reactions arise when one only receives mainstream information.  This group focuses on kids’ health needs and how to address them naturally through diet, lifestyle, homeopathy, herbal medicine, flower essences, cell salts and naturopathy.  Dr. Roberts is also an affiliate and expert contributor for Play Fitness as an advisor on kids nutrition and kids misdiagnosed.

Specific Health Ailments Workshops

In these sessions, Dr. Roberts focuses on a particular condition that concerns many people or is a current focus in the media.  Feel free to contact us with a suggestion or request, since Dr. Roberts is an expert in many fields and will happily address your needs.

Community Wellness

We appreciate the need for a healthy community.  Dr. Roberts is a health educator and enjoys hosting seminars to inspire thought and discussion regarding the food and health care industries.  These are usually informal potluck events where we discuss specific topics.  Dr. Roberts also often invites other experts to share their expertise at these events.  The goal of the community wellness groups is to broaden our community’s knowledge of the tools available to support their overall health and well-being.

Corporate Wellness

Dr. Roberts has conducted webinars for large corporations such as JP Morgan Chase for their nationwide employees regarding nutrition and wellness.  She is also an advisor to the fitness and men’s health industries.

Specialized Integrative Health Care & Testing Services

An integration of the following specialized services is fundamental to Dr. Robert’s’ treatment plans. 

Integrative Health Care

Customized Formulations & Remedies

Dr. Roberts uses her expertise and onsite apothecary to formulate and prepare your customized remedies with herbal, homeopathic, aromatherapy and flower essence preparations. This type of compounding service allows you to save on costs since Dr. Roberts is able to combine many ingredients that are carefully selected specific to your needs.

Cooking Demonstrations & Kitchen Makeovers in On-site Health Kitchen

Dr. Roberts makes full use of her complete health kitchen for your benefit.  Enjoy learning more about food preparation, new food items, price comparisons, how to read labels, how to equip your kitchen to suit your health goals, yummy healthy recipes, exotic food combinations, aroma cooking, kid friendly cooking, vegan, vegetarian & Chinese dietary practices.  Take a tour with Dr. Roberts to Hoboken’s farmers market and health food stores to guide your decision-making.

Neurotransmitter Saliva & Urine Testing & Care

Dr. Roberts specializes in conditions such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression and fatigue. Utilizing comprehensive neurotransmitter testing enables Dr. Roberts to confirm the extent of your body’s response to stress and your serotonin and dopamine activity.  We are then able to recommend targeted supplements to address these and also to recommend additional therapies that complement your care.  Dr. Roberts can re-assess your neurotransmitter levels in order to provide you with confirmation of your therapeutic utilization and progress. Most insurance covers these tests.

Female & Male Endocrine Laboratory Testing & Care

Dr. Roberts has great success in addressing endocrine related conditions such as: Thyroid Imbalances, Adrenal Fatigue, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Premenstrual Syndrome, Infertility, Irregular Periods, Menopause, Andropause, Obesity & Diabetes.

Serum tests include:   comprehensive thyroid profiles,  Female Cycle Map which assesses estradiol and progesterone at twelve different points throughout your menstrual cycle, a four-point cortisol rhythm assessment that assists Dr. Roberts’ understanding of how you utilize your energy throughout the day, salivary sex and adrenal hormones that help Dr. Roberts to evaluate the best protocol suited to rebalance your hormones.

Metabolic & Blood-type Profiling & Care

We offer basic and comprehensive metabolic profiling to identify to what extent your poor diet, chronic inflammation, stress and other lifestyle factors have affected your metabolic system. We also offer an in-office and home blood-type profiling so that Dr. Roberts can direct your dietetic care accordingly.

Immunological & Biological Aging Tests & Care

Dr. Roberts finds the immune and digestive system fascinating and offers a variety of tests to assess the state of your immune and digestive health.

Immune assessments include:

Immune System Analysis to identify a suppressed immunity or autoimmune tendencies and a functional assessment of the Natural Killer Cell activity.

The Lyme Western Blot IgG, IgM is a test to assess for Lyme Disease, that is often under detected due to the fact that the symptoms are put down to other clinical complaints.

The Stimulated Cytokine Analysis is helpful in providing Dr. Roberts with insight into allergic, asthmatic and cardiac conditions.

Immunosenescence assesses functional and cellular alterations that characterize the biological aging and progressive dysfunction of the immune system related to infections and degenerative disease patterns.  Dr. Roberts utilizes this information when putting together an anti-aging regime or preventative wellness program.


Functional Approaches for Pediatrics & Maternity

Dr. Roberts draws on the above testing and below therapies to take a functional approach in assisting you through your season of motherhood and addressing your child’s health. Your case is carefully reviewed and the appropriate tests are recommended to deepen our understanding. Based on our findings,  we will provide you with a report for your immediate and long-term protocol. You are part of the decision-making process and all options are discussed at length.

Gastrointestinal Health Testing & Care

Dr. Roberts recognizes that your gut health has a direct correlation to your brain and body health. Gluten, food sensitivities and celiac disease can be the root cause of many seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Gluten and food sensitivities may present as symptoms such as abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, smelly stools, anemia, irregular periods, miscarriages, dermatitis, constipation, joint pain, arthritis, bone loss, depression, infertility, fatigue, seizures, anxiety, canker sores, etc.

Once the levels of your immune responses to these factors have been assessed, Dr. Roberts will start you on an elimination diet, followed by a rotation diet.  Dr. Roberts will also focus on repairing, resetting and recolonizing your intestinal health by focusing on the three protective layers: the epithelial, mucosal and microbiota layers.


Heavy Metal & Cosmetic Toxin Screening & Oral Chelation

Are metals or cosmetic toxins making you sick? Over the past 100 years humans are exposed to a vast amount of metals and toxins in their direct environment. These metals/toxins deposits in your soft tissues including your muscles, organs, joints, and the brain. Your immune system may be compromised from exposure and you may develop chronic inflammation. Heavy metal sensitivity may also express as hives or redness, pain, headaches and/or as a negative vaccination response.  We test for Aluminum, Arsenic acid, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Ethylmercury, Gold, Inorganic Mercury, Lead, Manganese, Methylmercury, Molybdenum, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Thimerosal, Tin, Titanium and Vanadium. Based on your level of toxicity, Dr. Roberts will put together an oral chelation protocol to suit your individual needs.

Holistic Health Care Therapies Offered

To understand the therapies that Dr. Roberts draws on to provide you with the best care, please read the following descriptions. 

Holistic Health


is the study and practice of Naturopathic Therapeutics that assist in the natural process of healing. Under the Hippocratic Oath a Naturopathic Doctor must do no harm, acknowledge and incorporate the body’s own healing mechanism in their approach, identify the underlying cause of ailments, treat holistically, serve as both the physician and teacher, by empowering patients and focus on preventative measures optimizing general well-being. Naturopathic Doctors undergo up to 5 years of vigorous training as well as additional clinical internships and are trained as primary healthcare providers.   Their scope of practice varies from state to state. Some diagnostic modalities include: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Examinations, Nutritional Analysis, Metabolic & Blood Typing, Mind/Body Correlations, Constitutional Analysis and Oriental Diagnosis. Treatment modalities include: Detoxification, Clinical Nutrition, Nutraceutical Therapy, Fasting, Physical Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Traditional Therapies, Hydrotherapy, Homeopathy, Counseling, Energetic & Somatic Medicine.

Phytotherapy/Herbal Medicine

is an advanced clinical specialty, a doctrine of Herbal Therapeutics applying phytochemicals that act synergistically to address various health concerns. Doctors of Phytotherapy (Medical Herbalists) undergo 4-5 years full-time tertiary and clinical training and use remedies in the form of essential oils, infusions, fluid extracts, tablets, capsules, powders, lotions, creams, ointments, poultices, peseries, hydrosol extracts, syrups, glycerites, self-prepared and dispensed, using only quality controlled, professional grade tinctures and raw organic, kosher substances.

Classical Homeopathy

is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Its popularity in the United States has grown between 25 to 50 percent per year throughout the last decade.

It is a system of medicine based on three principles:

–       Like cures like – for example, if the symptoms of your cold are similar to poisoning by mercury, then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy.

–       Minimal dose – the remedy is taken in an extremely dilute form; normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.

–       Single remedy – no matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy will be aimed at all those symptoms.

Similar principals form the basis of conventional allergy treatment, where the allergic substance is given in a small dose, and in vaccines where an impotent form of the virus is given to bolster the immune system against that particular virus.

Homeopaths undergo three years of full-time graduate clinical based training. Naturopath’s receive up to two years of Homeopathic training and have the option to specialize with further internships.

Applied Nutrition

utilizes and employs the practice of Dietetics and Nutritional Therapy.  Dr. Roberts combines western and traditional dietary models including Macrobiotics, Food-combining, Unani Tibbs’ Humoral Theory, Ayurvedic Medicine’s Tridoshas, Chinese Diet-Therapy and specific medicinal orthodox diets to establish the best suited dietary advice and therapeutic recipes for her patient’s condition. Dr. Roberts gained ample experience after her summer internship in Xi Yuang Hospital in Bejing where she completed her hospital rounds in a dietetics cancer ward focusing on using food as medicine.

Functional Medicine

addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual, which Dr. Roberts believes to be the only way for future health care.

Environmental Medicine

is concerned with the interaction between mankind and the environment. More specifically, Environmental Medicine involves the adverse reactions experienced by an individual on exposure to an environmental toxin. These can be found in air, food, water, and drugs, and people are frequently exposed to them at home, work, school, and playgrounds. This may adversely affect one or more organ system(s), and may not be recognized by individuals or their physicians.  For this reason, Dr. Roberts utilizes specific toxin screenings and toxicity questionnaires to determine your needs.



Despite its increasing popularity, natural detoxification is not a new concept. The use of herbs, minerals, and other organic ingredients as a means of cleansing the body has been practiced for centuries and by countless cultures worldwide. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, focused on the use of herbal remedies to help eliminate toxins from the body and restore health and vitality; similar methods were employed by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Dr. Roberts recommends that if you are committed to make permanent changes in your health that you order our purification program, possibly even before you schedule your initial consultation. With most of our patients we have experienced greater lasting results with a more targeted focus once the body has been detoxified and minor ailments alleviated.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy

reaches a part of our brain called the amygdala that releases and stores trauma in our bodies. This gland can only release trauma through the sense of smell, it does not respond to sound, sight or touch.  Illness is a form of trauma stored in the body. Releasing it leads to wellness on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, leading to greater joy and peace in our lives.  Dr. Roberts utilizes these high grade therapeutic oils mostly in her topical applications.  She has great success with children and adolescents, addressing a variety of conditions such as: alopecia, constipation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes, hives, wounds, scars, dandruff, athlete’s foot, ADHD, emotional trauma etc.

Clinical Iridology

applies the science of analyzing delicate structures in the iris that may disclose areas of inflammation, stages of progression and healing, constitution and inherent weakness, levels of health and transitions taking place in accordance to a person’s lifestyle. The iris contains countless nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscles and various types of tissues and is connected to every part of the body via the brain’s parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Nerve fiber in the iris responds to changes in the body tissues as a reflex physiology.  Dr. Roberts utilizes this technique to deepen your care and identify weaker systems that she can build up and repair.  Dr. Roberts will provide you with a digital photo and report of her findings.

Meridian Stress Assessment

or Bio-Electrical Impendence Measurement (BIM) is an FDA Type II Medical Device that measures the electrical conductivity administered to responsive meridian points. It is based on Electrical Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) and Homotoxicology.  This non-invasive, pain-free, in-office, 30-minute test will provide Dr. Roberts with an overall analysis pertaining to the health of each system in relation to stressors and overall energetic balance. The Bio-Rep analysis determines a best suited Nutraceutical, Homeopathic or Herbal protocol to correct those imbalances. Ask Dr. Roberts how you will benefit from this assessment.

Other, Center & Professional Services

Our goal is to create a complete wellness community and experience. We are only able to achieve this through the workshops and services we offer to the community. This is why we are always seeking more ways to serve you in optimizing your health. We welcome external guests educators, practitioners, chefs and local personalities to add to what makes our center so unique. We are open to workshop and practice collaborations.

Professional Services

Practitioner Room Rentals

Seasonal Health Wellness Center offers treatment rooms that can be rented by the hour to health care practitioners that are experts in their fields. We welcome those that share in our philosophy and are willing to work as a team to complement each other’s practices for a complete holistic and integrative practice.

Workshop Space Rental

Our warm, welcoming reception area was designed by Dr. Roberts to serve as an open space that can be utilized for a variety of movement classes which currently include: Qi-Gong, Detox Workshops, Meditation, Yoga, Birth Education, Hypnosis, Infant Massage,  Health Workshops, Prosperity and Love Healing classes. It has the potential for so much more. Feel free to contact us with your proposal.

Health Kitchen Rental

Dr. Roberts was searching for a space that came fully equipped with a kitchen in the heart of the center.  She always believed just like a farmhouse kitchen that this is the place for community, health, comfort, inspiration, creativity, compassion and friendship. We often “break bread” over a purification or health recipe demonstration or kitchen makeover.  Contact us if you would like to host a cooking or food preparation workshop that resonates with our health philosophy.

Graduate Student Mentoring & Internships

Dr. Roberts offers workshops for both individual and educational institutions to meet their students/graduates need for additional experience in the field. She will create a program to suit your academic requirements and personal interest. Graduates enjoy compounding remedies in her onsite pharmacy and to observe how an integrative practice operates. Contact Dr. Roberts with your program proposal or have her draft one to fit your needs.

Supplement/Herbal Product Formulations

Are you a healthcare-practitioner whose scope of practice allows you to recommend supplements or other natural products? If so, have you experienced the need for a customized formulation that you are able to private label that can address a wide majority of your patient’s health concern? Contact Dr. Roberts to formulate a product to address your generic need.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Roberts has conducted many professional speaking engagements and medical seminars. She is often complimented on her extensive knowledge and experience, as well as her fresh and engaging approach in delivering valuable clinical information to both her professional peers and the general public. She inspires listeners through sharing her own life health struggles  and captivates the audience with her intriguing accent.  Her extensive academic and educational background equips her to research and develop content on any topic.

Associate Professor/Visiting Lecturer

Are you searching for a fresh outlook on clinical applications in modern-day practice?  Dr. Roberts  has served at several institutions as a guest lecturer and has developed a graduate curriculum in naturopathic treatment modalities.   She would love to complement your academic staff with her insight and international experience.

Curriculum/Course Developer & Researcher

Dr. Robert’s experience on the council of higher education, research in medical education and time spent being an external moderator and accreditor gave her a realistic insight about what is missing in the current medical curricula. She has inspiring research ideas and would complement any research team.

Professional Advisor/Contributor & Co-authoring

Are you seeking an expert in the health & wellness field?

Dr. Roberts served on several international statutory boards, drafting legislative proposals and advising on professional and educational standards as well as proposing new ways of protecting the public against fraudulent health care practices.

Contact Dr. Roberts to contribute to your health talk-show, radio broadcast, health panel, or to co-author on a health-care text-book. 

Seasonal Health Wellness Practitioners

Medical Qi Gong

Janine Berger

Clinical Nutritionist, Apprentice, Fitness Consultant

Sabrina Sarabella

Hypnotherapy & Meditation

Aromatherapy & Holistic Pet Health

Stanlee Palmisano


For guest affiliate practitioners offering semi-regular classes, visit our Classes & Events page.
Our Herbal Library - Coming Soon!
Clinical Referral Network & Colleagues

Acupuncture & Grief Recovery

Kyla Hanley

Bradley Method of Natural Birth

Debra Cerruti


Dr. Rany Saleh, DO  

Cooking Instructor & Health Coach

Lynda Lang

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Ula Katsoulis, CTS  


Dr. Hirshel Kahn

Family Medicine & Women’s Health

Dr. Bianca Chiara  

Feldenkrais Integrated Yoga & Pregnant Pouses

Suzanne Aunsit


Dr. Zapiach

Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Louis M Steinberg, DDS  

Holistic Gynecology, Obstetrics & Midwifery

Dr. Lonnie Morris

Homebirth Midwifery Service

Vicki Hedley  

Maternity Chiropractic

Dr. Dina Sgambati

Mayan Abdominal Therapy & Midwifery

Trish DeTura

Network Chiropractic

Dr. Cliff Inkles  

Orthopedic, Lymphatic & Medical Massage

Amanda Moore

Pre-natal Massage

Mollie Bollers

Psychotherapy; Individual & Couples counseling

Jodie Fink, LCSW

Psychotherapy; Play therapy & Adolescence

James Rokeach

Reiki Therapy & Health Educator

Maylene Laguna  

Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Alan Bienstock

Resonance Repatterning™

Gladys Murphy

Therapeutic Tea Specialist, Natural Nutritionist & Herbal Intern

Christian Perez


Dr. Geo Espinosa
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