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Upcoming Events at Seasonal Health


Coming Soon: Free Community Event – Mommy & Me Playdate Potluck!

Join us for fun, games, and a healthy potluck! Let me know if your child has any food sensitivities.
Please RSVP or let me know if you’re interested in joining so that we can prepare for the proper number of guests!
What to bring:
– Your favorite healthy dish to share!
– Your fun-loving, community building attitude!
– A blanket or something to sit on
– Fun game ideas are welcome
(This event will be weather permitting!)
Coming soon: Seasons of Mother Summer Holistic First Aid Class on Zoom, $55
Learn natural first aid remedies for your family! In this Mommy and Me workshop, Dr Roberts will be discussing relevant seasonal ailments, and specific natural remedies for your children and family. We have chosen to hold this workshop via the online Zoom platform so that mothers anywhere can participate!
RSVP via eventbrite, facebook, or email us at

Coming Soon: Full Moon Circle! $25

Join Dr. Kathia Roberts and deepen your healing experience with a guided meditation, using applied frequencies and vibrations from crystal & tibetan bowls. To enhance the meditation experience, Kathia incorporates mindfulness, visualization and herbal infusions. This is a meditation not to be missed!

Our theme this week will be heart centered joyfulness. Summer calls us into our hearts, and allows us to expand into the full expression of ourselves by connecting with our heart’s joy!



Coming Soon: Soundful Birth™ Meditation for New & Expecting Mothers $45

Soundful Birth™ uses sound healing, vibrational healing, aroma therapy, flower essences, visualization, meditation, breath-work, affirmations, embodiment practices, inner child healing, and toning of the chakras along with deep emotional release, empowerment practices, and repatterning of old limiting believes, fears and habits, conscious and unconscious.

Initiate your truly capable primal self to heal past wounds and fears so that you can have the pregnancy, child birth, and postpartum season you so desire and deserve!

For mothers who would like to get a taste of what is possible with Soundful Birth™, I will be offering Soundful Birth™ meditations for new and expecting mothers every other Tuesday (in addition to our regular sound meditations that are open to any who would like to participate).


Watch out for next month’s a garden fireside Sound Meditation!

Use sound as a gateway to blissful meditation to quiet your mind, ignite positive change, and increase self-awareness. Dr. Kathia guides the meditation with use of essential oils, herbal infusions, visualizations, flower essences, vocal toning, crystal and tibetan bowls. This is a meditation not to be missed! If the weather is great, we will host this meditation in the outdoor garden. Tune in!

For updates, join our Seasons of Sacred Sound Facebook Group, or join us on Meetup!


Connect with us on Instagram and Periscope for Recipes and Live Cooking Classes!

Whether you are on a cleanse, cooking for your children, or embodying a healthy lifestyle for yourself, you will LOVE these delicious healthy recipes and cooking tutorials! Follow us on Instagram (@seasonaldoc) for photos and recipes, and on Periscope (@seasonaldoc) for live classes! We will announce on Facebook and Instagram when live classes are coming your way!



Watch out for:


The Dragon’s Way Program with Janine Berger Gillet

De-stress, Re-balance, and Let Go of Worry and Weight. The Dragon’s Way program is a gateway to good health and energy and is based on the traditional Chinese medicine principles of Wu Ming Qigong. Using Qigong as your everyday stress buster, you will experience, among other health benefits, more energy, better sleep, and increased mental clarity.

Check back for more updates and class times!

For more information, or to schedule a free Medical Qi-Gong session please visit Or, contact


Seasonal Classes & Events


Chinese New Year Celebration

We invite you to come celebrate the Chinese New Year with us each year. This is an annual event, and updates will be posted as the new year approaches. For now, happy year of the fire monkey!


Seasons of Motherhood First Aid Workshop!

Learn natural first aid remedies for the current season! In this Mommy and Me workshop, Dr Roberts will be discussing seasonal transitions, and specific natural remedies for your children and family!

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