Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



Does Dr. Roberts take insurance?

US insurance companies do not typically cover naturopathic care.  Insurance does, however, cover laboratory tests offered in our office once your deductible has been met. Watch this video to avoid surprises if you need testing.

Many of our patients are able to use their Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account towards our services and products.  Many of our European patients are able to claim services and products from their international insurance since their countries recognize the importance that Natural Medicine plays in disease prevention and addressing chronic ailments. We encourage you to continue to check with your insurance company to confirm as it may change in the future.

What is the difference between a Naturopathic Doctor and a Medical Doctor?

Our philosophies and treatment modalities differ in that Naturopathic Doctors take a natural, non-invasive, non-suppressive, non-synthetic and holistic approach to addressing health conditions, whereas Medical Doctors take a more invasive approach. The conventional suppressive approach can be faster acting however may have many more serious side effects. There is a place for modern medicine in serious and life-threatening conditions where natural medicine could take too long in bringing relief. Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary health care providers and are experts in drug/nutrient and drug/herb interactions and know when to refer for further medical care.

Should I continue to have a regular prescribing physician?

Yes, Dr. Roberts takes an integrative and complementary approach to what you are already addressing with your physician and enjoys working with physicians that are open to integrative healthcare and that want to work with her to provide the best care for you. For official diagnosis and diagnostic tests Dr. Roberts will refer you back to your physician or recommend a trusted colleague.

“The best health care combines self-care with professional advice” Tom Ferguson

What should I expect from a visit?

Dr. Roberts strives to make the most of the time she spends with you.

Your first 45 minute individual consultation will allow Dr. Roberts to gather all the detailed information she needs from your past including: medical, family, drug, socio-economic, occupational, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual, diet and lifestyle as well as discussing all physiological systems and symptoms. This comprehensive evaluation enables Dr. Roberts to determine the aggravating and relieving factors as well as the underlying cause of your health condition.

During your 30-minute follow-up visits, Dr. Roberts will make the best recommendations for optimal results.  These may include her customized remedies, a supplement regimen, lifestyle, dietary and environmental changes, health education, cooking classes, meditation and inspiration or recommend further tests for a deeper understanding into your condition.   If appropriate, Dr. Roberts may also make a referral to other professionals in her vast network of holistic practitioners as part of a team approach to addressing your individual needs.

For your long term follow up care Dr. Roberts offers various options to meet your health and economic needs.  These may include wellness programs, mini-consults, email or phone communications or specific focused groups to keep you engaged and motivated to reach optimal health.

“Patients tend to move along the path of their expectations, whether on the upside or downside” Norman Cousins

How soon can I expect results from my visits and products?

Many patients report improvement in as little as a couple of days to a week. Some remedies for acute infections and pain can resolve the symptoms instantly. For more lasting results we recommend that you stick with your treatment plan for a minimum of 3 months, during which you will visit with Dr. Roberts 4-6 times.

To resolve any condition on a much deeper level and to strengthen weak organs and systems, allow one month for every year that you had the condition.  For this you will need to see Dr. Roberts much less frequently – only every 6-8 weeks.  At the end of the day, it depends on your individual health goals, level of commitment, and how quickly you respond to care, which all differ from person to person.

Patience means waiting without anxiety.” St. Francis de Sales

Can I make an emergency appointment or do I have to wait to see the doctor?

To clarify, if this is a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room or walk- in clinic.

Dr. Roberts will accommodate her patients dealing with a sudden onset of symptoms speedily, when you state when booking your appointment that the matter needs urgent attention. A quick phone consult can also serve to assess what will provide the best immediate relief for that cold, cough, diarrhea or other acute ailment.

Is a cleanse right for me and how will I benefit?

Take this health quiz to see why you may be a candidate for a cleanse today.

Can’t I just buy the same stuff for less at the health food store?

Unfortunately not.  Dr. Roberts has done all the research for you and recommends only superior quality, reasonably priced products.  She also guides you to combine the right products and on appropriate dosages that can make a huge difference in its effectiveness.


“Choose a doctor who shares your personal style and philosophy” Tom Ferguson

Do you see patients of all ages?

Yes, from infants to the elderly.

Is it safe to give a natural remedy for my infant?

Yes, Dr. Roberts will determine the appropriate form of application that tends to be a sublingual homeopathic and hydrosol spray and or homeopathic pellets, drops or herbal syrup with appropriate weight-related dose instructions.

How much alcohol is in the tincture?

Some have alcohol, where as others are glycerin extracts. The ones with alcohol have less alcohol than a ripe fermented banana in the recommended dosage if used as directed.  They are safe for kids to use as long as a parent administers it. If the taste bothers you, the alcohol will evaporate with heat and can be diluted more.  Please indicate if you are in recovery or have Religious beliefs that prohibit you from taking alcohol. Dr. Roberts will consider this in developing your formula.

Are the remedies safe during pregnancy and lactation?

Certain supplements and remedies are very useful and necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Roberts is trained to know which ones are safe or best to avoid while still addressing your other health concerns.

Describe the look and feel of the space and what people can expect when they come through the door

A Warm, Friendly, Welcoming, Uplifting, and Inspiring Wellness Centre that has a homey feel, decorated with invigorating colors and filled with pleasant scents.  Each room represents a season with a unique theme. These symbolize the changes we go through in life and how to embrace them healthily.

You enter the Seasonal Health Wellness Center through the warm, inviting, main reception/workshop room, also known as the Fall Room, with the theme “Harvest Health & Heart”.  This is the heart of the practice, where you harvest the fruits of all the healthy seeds you planted by investing in your health and celebrate having a new outlook on life.

There is an additional entrance through the Vibrant Health Kitchen, which is also known as the Summer Room “Growth & Fertility.”  No other nutritional office or wellness center in Hoboken has a facility for preparing and demonstrating healthy cooking.

The Apothecary in the back is the Winter Room with winter-berry and snow colors.  The Winter theme “Reflection & Preservation” is appropriate for this room because Winter is a time to reflect and the herbs preserve health.

The Seasonal Health Herbal Pharmacy is the only operating apothecary in Hoboken.  This is where Dr. Roberts creates customized remedies to provide optimal dosing and reduce patient costs associated with multiple supplements.  Dr. Roberts’ treatment plans incorporate a variety of ingredients carefully selected and formulated for your individual needs.

The Renewing Spring Room filled with fresh green colors is Dr. Roberts’ consultation and assessment room.  The Spring theme “Seeds for Change” encourages patients as they commit to change and sow their seeds for a new season of wellness.

How much will it cost?

My question to you in this regard is:  What is your health worth to you?

How much money and time have you spent on countless experts, tests, and over the counter crazes?  Have you tried the most popular diets, supplements, drugs?

Did you learn about them online or from a professional, caring doctor with a thorough understanding for what is truly going on with your body and what you need as an individual?

Professional fees are calculated according to the time you need with Dr. Roberts and the individual treatment plan you develop together.