What should I expect from a visit?

Dr. Roberts strives to make the most of the time she spends with you.

Your first 45 minute individual consultation will allow Dr. Roberts to gather all the detailed information she needs from your past including: medical, family, drug, socio-economic, occupational, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual, diet and lifestyle as well as discussing all physiological systems and symptoms. This comprehensive evaluation enables Dr. Roberts to determine the aggravating and relieving factors as well as the underlying cause of your health condition.

During your 30-minute follow-up visits, Dr. Roberts will make the best recommendations for optimal results.  These may include her customized remedies, a supplement regimen, lifestyle, dietary and environmental changes, health education, cooking classes, meditation and inspiration or recommend further tests for a deeper understanding into your condition.   If appropriate, Dr. Roberts may also make a referral to other professionals in her vast network of holistic practitioners as part of a team approach to addressing your individual needs.

For your long term follow up care Dr. Roberts offers various options to meet your health and economic needs.  These may include wellness programs, mini-consults, email or phone communications or specific focused groups to keep you engaged and motivated to reach optimal health.

“Patients tend to move along the path of their expectations, whether on the upside or downside” Norman Cousins

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