is the study and practice of Naturopathic Therapeutics that assist in the natural process of healing. Under the Hippocratic Oath a Naturopathic Doctor must do no harm, acknowledge and incorporate the body’s own healing mechanism in their approach, identify the underlying cause of ailments, treat holistically, serve as both the physician and teacher, by empowering patients and focus on preventative measures optimizing general well-being. Naturopathic Doctors undergo up to 5 years of vigorous training as well as additional clinical internships and are trained as primary healthcare providers.   Their scope of practice varies from state to state. Some diagnostic modalities include: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Examinations, Nutritional Analysis, Metabolic & Blood Typing, Mind/Body Correlations, Constitutional Analysis and Oriental Diagnosis. Treatment modalities include: Detoxification, Clinical Nutrition, Nutraceutical Therapy, Fasting, Physical Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Traditional Therapies, Hydrotherapy, Homeopathy, Counseling, Energetic & Somatic Medicine.

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