Immunological & Biological Aging Tests & Care

Dr. Roberts finds the immune and digestive system fascinating and offers a variety of tests to assess the state of your immune and digestive health.

Immune assessments include:

Immune System Analysis to identify a suppressed immunity or autoimmune tendencies and a functional assessment of the Natural Killer Cell activity.

The Lyme Western Blot IgG, IgM is a test to assess for Lyme Disease, that is often under detected due to the fact that the symptoms are put down to other clinical complaints.

The Stimulated Cytokine Analysis is helpful in providing Dr. Roberts with insight into allergic, asthmatic and cardiac conditions.

Immunosenescence assesses functional and cellular alterations that characterize the biological aging and progressive dysfunction of the immune system related to infections and degenerative disease patterns.  Dr. Roberts utilizes this information when putting together an anti-aging regime or preventative wellness program.


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