Describe the look and feel of the space and what people can expect when they come through the door

A Warm, Friendly, Welcoming, Uplifting, and Inspiring Wellness Centre that has a homey feel, decorated with invigorating colors and filled with pleasant scents.  Each room represents a season with a unique theme. These symbolize the changes we go through in life and how to embrace them healthily.

You enter the Seasonal Health Wellness Center through the warm, inviting, main reception/workshop room, also known as the Fall Room, with the theme “Harvest Health & Heart”.  This is the heart of the practice, where you harvest the fruits of all the healthy seeds you planted by investing in your health and celebrate having a new outlook on life.

There is an additional entrance through the Vibrant Health Kitchen, which is also known as the Summer Room “Growth & Fertility.”  No other nutritional office or wellness center in Hoboken has a facility for preparing and demonstrating healthy cooking.

The Apothecary in the back is the Winter Room with winter-berry and snow colors.  The Winter theme “Reflection & Preservation” is appropriate for this room because Winter is a time to reflect and the herbs preserve health.

The Seasonal Health Herbal Pharmacy is the only operating apothecary in Hoboken.  This is where Dr. Roberts creates customized remedies to provide optimal dosing and reduce patient costs associated with multiple supplements.  Dr. Roberts’ treatment plans incorporate a variety of ingredients carefully selected and formulated for your individual needs.

The Renewing Spring Room filled with fresh green colors is Dr. Roberts’ consultation and assessment room.  The Spring theme “Seeds for Change” encourages patients as they commit to change and sow their seeds for a new season of wellness.

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