Have you ever wondered if your body and health could benefit from doing a cleanse? The answer is most likely yes, you could greatly benefit from a cleanse program! In our society today, we are constantly exposed to chemicals and toxins that can have a huge impact on all aspects of our health (mind, body, and spirit).


In her practice, Dr. Roberts actually finds cleansing SO effective, that she recommends it as a pre-requisite for new patients before they come in to see her. This basically puts her patients on the fast track to great health by identifying and eliminating food sensitivities, and providing the patient with a “clean slate” to build upon at their in-person appointments.


It is also important for routine yearly maintenance to cleanse our bodies of toxicities picked up from our environment, food, clean products, cosmetics, water, and many more sources. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is most active in the spring and the herbs that typically grow in spring will have an affinity for cleansing the liver. For this reason, Spring is an ideal season in which to cleanse yearly.


Dr. Roberts specifically recommends the 21 day purification program by Standard Process, available for order via email ( Whether you are a new, incoming patient and want to make the most of your time and money, or someone looking to maintain their health in a society where that can be difficult, this is a great option for all. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, you can email us, or call us at (201) 857-2562!

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