Seasonal Health Grand Opening

A new address, a new collaboration of wellness professionals, and a new way for Hobokenites to look into their own health. Dr. Kathia Roberts of Seasonal Health held the grand opening of her new Seasonal Health Wellness Center and Apothecary at 117 Washington Street. Many local residents and business owners joined the celebration as well as Mayor Dawn Zimmer to cut the ceremonial ribbon.

Originally from South Africa, Kathia has over 14 years of Education and Accreditation including a PhD from Integrative Medicine & Medical Education. She decided to open up her practice in Hoboken a few years back on the corner of 3rd and Washington and has now expanded to her new space on Washington Street. As Dr. Roberts describes she is “perfecting a Complete Naturopathic Medicine Model that incorporates this philosophy, Modern Scientific Based knowledge and Traditional Practices to assist the body holistically as we pass through environmental, health and life’s seasons.” Her service include Ultimate Purification, Herbal Pharmacy, Naturopathy, Phytotherapy and Nutrition. Learn more about Dr. Roberts practice at

Joining Dr. Roberts are 5 colleagues practicing in various fields of wellness. Trish Detura, Mid-Wife; Kyla Hanley, Japanese Acupuncture; Gladys Murphy, Resonance Repatterning; Amanda Moore, Therapeutic Body work and Massage and Priscilla Renta, practicing Meditation, Aromatheraphy, & Yoga. These colleagues truly make Dr. Roberts center a very unique, holistic approach to your health.

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