7 Tips to Fully Optimize Your Cleanse

Click here for more information on why I recommend cleansing and instructions for how to order your own 21 day purification program!

Now that you’ve read my previous blog post and have mentally prepared for your cleanse, you’re ready to embark on your journey to optimal wellness!

Let’s get started! Here are some practical tips for optimizing your cleanse.

* Please  consult your Naturopath before cleansing, especially if you’re nutrient or energy deficient, as you may need to ‘build-up’ your system at least two weeks beforehand. There are many varieties of cleanses; your naturopath can guide you on which one is right for you.

Pre-Cleanse Tips

1. Consider the Season. When deciding when to cleanse, it’s important to consider the season. I typically recommend cleansing in the spring. (According to chinese medicine your liver is most active in the spring and the herbs that typically grow in spring will have an affinity for cleansing the liver.)

However, a seasonal-specific short cleanse – lasting three to five days – should be done quarterly.

In conjunction with your truncated Seasonal Cleanse, I recommend that you commit to a 21-day Purification Program one to two times times per year, preferably in the Spring and/or Fall.

2. Gradually Lighten Your Food Intake. One week prior to the cleanse, begin to decrease your food portions and become conscious of the amount of food you consume on a daily basis. Allow yourself to move into your new liquid diet gradually, giving your body time to adjust to the change in diet.

3. Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables. Three days before the fast begins, introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet (a good ratio to observe is 75% vegetables and 25% fruits). Decrease the amount of protein and heavy carbohydrates you incorporate into your meals. 

During the Cleanse

4. Be Prepared for a Rough First Few Days. During your cleanse or fast you may experience flu-like symptoms such as general aches and pains, headaches, fatigue and irritability. Unless there’s something else going on healthwise, these symptoms will subside within the first two or three days.

5. Take It Easy. The best thing you can do for your body while you’re cleansing is to relax and allow it the time it needs to repair and return to a balanced state. Exercise moderately while you’re cleansing, and avoid known high-stress situations, extreme temperature changes, and drafts.

6. Prepare Fresh Drinks. For optimal results, prepare fresh juices, broths, and shakes, and consume them immediately after preparation. If it’s completely impractical for you to freshly prepare all your meals, juice only enough for one day and store the leftovers in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass container.

7. Enjoy Drinks at Room Temperature. When imbibing leftover liquids, remove them from the refrigerator and allow them to warm to room temperature before consuming. Drink your juices slowly and mix them well with your saliva before swallowing.


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